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MEOW! Balancing Game
  • MEOW! Balancing Game

    Play with this adorable kitty by placing all the skeins of wool without letting them fall on the ground. Meow! is a wooden game for the whole family!

    The skeins of wool are distributed among the players and we then play in turns. The youngest begins, placing the first ball while making sure no skeins fall off the kitty. The rest of the players do the same in turn. If a player drops some balls, he picks them up and adds them to his own pile. The game ends when one of the players manages to get rid of all of his balls.

    The set is made of birch veneered wood and solid beech wood stained with dyes in water.


    A game of balance in which the most skilful player to balance the skeins of wool on the cat will be the winner.


    A wooden and locally sourced toy made in Barcelona.

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