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King/ Queen/Prince/ Princess Mouse
  • King/ Queen/Prince/ Princess Mouse

    Mouse King

    Designed to be played with now and cherished for years, this sweet King mouse toy is crafted from cotton and embroidered . King Mouse comes complete with whiskers, a regal red cape and a crochet crown - ready for royal escapades.

    Mouse Queen

    The Maileg 'Queen Mouse' is dressed in an adorable regal gown with golden crown. Recreate your favourite fairy tales and begin your own magical adventures - where anything is possible ...

    Prince Mouse

    The big brother size prince mouse is dressed in his finest clothes - a fur collar, bloomers and a little crown stitched to his head

    Princess Mouse

    The little princess big sister mouse, is dressed in her finest dress. Her adorable dress and sweet fur collar are removable- the little crown is stitched securely in place


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