Abacus 1-5 / Shapes Pyramid Sorter
  • Abacus 1-5 / Shapes Pyramid Sorter

    Abacus 1-5

    A beautiful multifunctional educational wooden toy by the excellent brand Bajo - it's primary function is to help with counting but with colour matching and  understanding quantity, this is a toy with so much more to offer 

    Easy to demonstrate elementary mathematics, by adding and subtracting  in a colourful playful way - the  wheels on the base add a fun element to this wonderful toy. 



    Shapes Pyramid Sorter

     The Bajo “Shapes Pyramid” assembles and disassebles  in so many ways - whilst giving the child opportunity to shape sort and build. Made from beautiful local sustainablewood and finsihed to the high quality that Bajo Wooden toys produce. The Shapes Pyramid Sorter is made from local sustainable wood. 

    Good design, 'eco-friendly' wood, superior craftsmanship and excellent presentation make Bajo toys ideal gifts. A gift which will be well-received and perhaps cherished and remembered for life

    • Product details

      1-5 Stacker 

      Size 36cm x 11cm x 19cm.

      Suitable from age 2

      Material Wood

      Shapes Pyramid Sorter

      Size :14 x 10 x 10cm and approx 15cm tall when stacked.

      Suitable from age 2

      Material Wood

       6 pieces





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