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Abri À Tricycle/Tricycle hanger, Mouse-Red

Abri À Tricycle/Tricycle hanger, Mouse-Red

Expected delivery by: 15/04/2024


Abri à tricycle, Mouse - Red 

Big brother/sister mice fit this tricycle perfectly. Mice with magnets in their hands can easily hold the handles. This beautiful bike comes in a garage box to expand the play. Accessories as a basket and hanger can be purchased additionally.



Size: Mouse

Height: 9 cm

Width: 7 cm

Wash: Surface Wash



Tricycle hanger, Mouse - Red

Add an extra detail to your tricycle with the small hanger. It is easy to put the hanger on and it can store personal belongings or a smaller family member. It comes in 3 colours, so you can choose your favorite.



Size: Mouse

Height: 4 cm

Width: 6 cm

Wash: Surface Wash

Material: Metal


Recommended age: +3 Year

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