Build your Lego on Treehouse / Bird


One of our most popular toys - and the perfect way to have fun with all those lonely bits of Lego living in abandoned boxes...

Build a tree house, cover your tree in Spring blossom or Autumn leaves - or snowfall with white bricks and pretty lights for Christmas . There is no end to how you can play with this wooden base.

Treehouse comes with a ladder so tiny folk can climb up and have fun from the heady heights of the tree and a swing for those who prefer the lower levels..

Brikkon make brilliant wooden products to use as a base for amazing creations using Lego bricks - make A 3D scene, using your own bricks to extend this set using your imagination.  Made using sustainable FSC wood to protect the enviroment in Holland. 



Build a bird, or a dinosaur or even a spaceship on two legs - only your imagination will limit you..

Can you make a robin, a blackbird or even a kingfisher?? Use your own bricks to creat whatever you can think of.

Brikkon toys are designed by a group of parents who saw lots of lonely  Lego bricks hiding away in abandoned boxes - so they designed these wonderful starting points to help children (and adults) get creative with all those pieces.

  • Product details


    Pack size 22 x 18.5 x 23.5 cm

    Suitable age - 3+- 18 years!

    Material Birchwood


    Pack size 4.5 x 9 x 6 cm

    Suitable age 3+ - 18years!

    Material Birchwood


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