Build your own Mars Colony / Match a Mummy

Build your own Mars Colony / Match a Mummy

Build your own Mars Colony by JanaGlatt

The perfect gift for little astronauts with big imaginations!

This space-age set contains everything an explorer needs to create the ultimate Mars colony, from colourful astronauts and space vehicles to adorable astro-pets.


Simply unfold the poster to reveal the surface of Mars, pop out the pieces and assemble them (no scissors or glue required) for hours of extraterrestrial fun.


Easy to put together and full of lovable characters, this is a charming set for children to assemble and play with.

The box comes with 10 press-out sheets that make over 20 pieces when assembled and no scissors or glue required.


Great for ages 6+ years 


Jana Glatt is an award-winning Brazilian illustrator based in Cologne. Her fascination with creating characters began during childhood theatre classes. She has illustrated numerous children’s books and magazine articles.



Match a Mummy by Anna Claybourne, Léa Maupetit

Travel back in time to Ancient Egypt with this new children’s matching game, developed in partnership with the British Museum. Locate and match up the pairs to learn more about how the Egyptians lived.


Why did they shave their heads but wear wigs, use dark eye make-up and worship dung beetles? How did they invent toothpaste and which internal organs did they keep before mummification?


Includes 20 matching pairs on 40 cards, and a booklet with explanatory text. This game will appeal to children from age 7 and up.


Léa Maupetit is a French illustrator living and working in Paris. Her clients include the New York Times and Möet Hennessy. 

Anna Claybourne is an experienced children’s author, who has written over 200 books on everything from Shakespeare to space science.




  • Product Detail

    Build a Mars Colony 

    Material - Card

    Size 245 mm x 192mm 

    Ages 6+ years 


    Match a Mummy 


    Material - Card

    Size - 140mm x 100mm

    Age 7+ upwards 


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