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Master Chef in the kitchen
  • Master Chef in the kitchen

    Chef Mouse 

    Maileg's Mr Michelin Mouse is cooking up a fancy feast in his chefs outfit and pairs well with the beautiful Maileg Mouse Kitchen .



    Kitchen unit

    Makes up into a cooker and kitchen unit. Comes with utensils, pans and collander. Somewhere for the Maileg mice to cook a delicious meal.



    Vintage picnic

    The Maileg Mice and friends love a picnic and no picnic is complete without delicious food. Have a look at this fantastic Maileg Vintage Picnic Set. This small bundle contains a baguette and two different cheeses, plus a sausage. The fabric can be used as a cloth, on which you can spread out all the goodies.



    Tea and Biscuits 

    What do we find in this nicely decorated box? Just about everything you need for a lovely afternoon tea with your favorite Maileg  mouse or rabbit.  The Maileg Tea & Biscuits for Two accessory lets your playtime be more real and authentic.



    Vintage Food 

    The Vintage Food grocery box is a delightful accessory from Maileg. The square box is filled with a can of baked beans, coffee, bread, mustard, ketchup, cereal, sausage, cheese and a carton of milk.

    So it contains many delicious items you and your Maileg friends’ little hearts could possibly desire. You can have a little picnic or play grocery store with these fantastic food items. The Vintage Food grocery box is one of the many Maileg accessories we have available. Perfect to go with the Camping set. 

    • Product Detail

      Chef Mouse 

      Size : Mother / Father mouse
      Height : 15 cm
      Age: 3+ years 
      Washing instruction: 30 degrees
      Material: Cotton / Linen


      Mouse Kitchen

      Strong Card Kitchen

      Enamel utensils 

      Wood  utensils

      Age 3 + years 

      Size 8 x 9.5 x 5 cm 


      Mouse stockings

      Height : 8 cm
      Age: For decoration only
      Washing instruction: 30 degrees
      Material: Cotton

      Mouse Christmas Tree

      Please note this is not designed as  a toy.

      Size: 16.5cm high.


      Christmas Mouse in Suitcase

      Height 14 cm 

      Age : 3+ Years 

      Materials Cotton Metal 


      Vintage picnic

      Material : Cotton . Resin. 

      Age : 3 + years 


      Tea and Biscuits 

      Materials ; Metal and Polyresin

      Age 3+ years 

      Size - Height 5 cm


      Vintage Food 

      Size : 6 x 8.5 x 8.5 cm (box) 

      Materials Wood Polyresin

      Age 3+ years 

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