Cinema Story Torch Set

Cinema Story Torch Set

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Create your own cinema at home! Cinema boxed set with a pad of programmes, detachable cinema tickets, a torch and five discs with eight illustrations, to attach. When projected onto a wall each disc tells a colourful story: -1: Arthur, the brave knight: Saving his beautiful princess from the flames of the evil dragon -2: Stop thief!: Two policemen in the town are on his heels, but the thief manages to escape, taking to the air hanging on to balloons. -3: Super hero: He flies to save a granny from the flames of a building on fire. -4: Holy cowboy: Becomes the family hero by learning to master his rebellious horse. -5: Pirate gang: Aboard their pirate ship they arrive on a volcanic desert island to find the wonderful treasure. But surprise - the only thing left in the chest is an apple! Illustrations in a very 1950s style. Enjoy the film!

  • Product Details

    Suitable age 4+ years

    Materials - Card Plastic 

    Size  Box 26 x 19.2 x 4.4 cm


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