Pop up Earth/ How to Talk to Tiger ... and other Animals
  • Pop up Earth/ How to Talk to Tiger ... and other Animals

    Pop up Earth  Reading age 6-8 years.

    Open this book and explore the wonders of our planet! Find out how the Earth was formed, where life first evolved and when the first humans arrived.

    Explore its many treasures, travel beneath its surface and discover why it needs out help and what we can do to protect it…

    The team behind Pop-Up Moon and Volcano,  apply their wizardry to our home – planet Earth. Annabelle Buxton’s gorgeous illustrations are showcased in five interactive pop-ups: 
    • A globe/cross section of the globe 

    • A microscope showing the development of the living world

    • Fragile biodiversity portrayed as a house of cards

    • A tectonic plate

    • A waterfall

    Accompanied by texts on the earth's natural resources, its biodiversity and the dangers that threaten it, this is a must-read for budding scientists and great dreamers.


    How to Talk to a Tiger...and other animals (Hardback) Reading age 8 - 12 years.
    Ever wanted to talk to a tiger?Or chatter with a cheetah?Or yak with a yak?This book brings together a babble of more than 100 beasties and explores the amazing ways they talk to each – from fish that fart, to alligators that dunk, to fire worms that flash, you'll discover that wildlife have the strangest ways of sending a message...In his own words, Jason Bittel "writes about weird animals for a living."

    He contributes to National Geographic News, Smithsonian Magazine, and Washington Post, Nature and Slate, and serves up science for picky eaters on his website, Bittel Me This. He lives in Pittsburgh with his wife, son and two tiny wolves.

    Kelsey Buzzell is an Oregon-born designer, illustrator, teacher, cat-lover, thrifty-vintage finder and avocado eater living in Springfield, Oregon. She finds regular inspiration from the Pacific Northwest where the forests, rocky beaches and high desert are home to all sorts of enchanting flora and fauna.

    Written by Jason Bittel; illustrated by Kelsey Buzzell, 290 x 235 mm. Publishing May 2021.

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      Reading Age - 6-8 years though can be shared witrh an adult and enjoyed by younger and older. 

      Hardback  22 pages 

      Size 23.88 x 2.79 x 31.24 cm