Dinosaur Puzzle Sorter T-Rex / Triceratops / Mammoth

Dinosaur Puzzle Sorter T-Rex / Triceratops / Mammoth

Dinosaur Puzzle Sorter T-Rex

Exciting wooden puzzle by Bajo wooden toys featuring five chunky solid hard wood peices . Learn to sort and fit the pieces into the puzzle whilst learning all about dinosaurs bodies . Create your dinosaur as you piece the puzzle together to form a 3d T-Rex. Ethically made from sustainable solid european woods with a natural finish.

Children can play imaginativly with the dinoasur once they have made it up.

To assemble the Paleo-animals just apply a little pressure between the parts to join them together, they will hold firm to play with them or just for display. Good for devloping hand eye coordination .




Children love the super clever Bajo Paleo Animals Triceratops Puzzle. It comes with 5 chunky pieces that can be used in many different ways! They can take all the pieces out and slot it together to create a 3d animal figure, or maybe  use it as a wooden board puzzle. Whichever way they choose to play, they will have brilliant fun with these beautifully handcrafted pieces. 




Children love a dinosaur and the wooly Mammoth is no exception !

This new clever deigned puzzle board from Bajo is the perfect toy to get children involved in dinosaurs. They can take the five chunky wooden pieces out of the sorter board, and then create a 3D dinosaur to stand on its own. The little dino figure is even stable enough to incorporate it into their small world play.

  • Product details

    T-Rex. Triceratops. Mammoth

    Materials Solid Oak and beech wood

    Suitable from 18 months.

    Board measures 20cm x 20cm x 1cm


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