Dog / Yellow Rattle Bird

Dog / Yellow Rattle Bird

Dachshund puppy

This little dog by Bajo Wooden Toys has wheels that help it move around. Give it a little push and it will run with its ears flopping. The imitation of dog’s movements captures child’s imagination. As a result a child is introduced to animal world, takes interest in it, learns to appreciate it and can distinguish one species from another.

Only carefully selected high quality materials from certified local suppliers, who respect European eco-standards of wood production have been used. Produced with certified non-toxic paints based on natural components, which fulfil EU safety standard (EN71) and US norms. A range of water based paints as well as oils are used to protect the wood. 



Yellow Rattle Bird

A simple form of the rattle by Bajo Wooden Toys, enriched with the shape of  a little bird with a  little bell in the centre. The bell is held safely by two criss-crossed hoops so it won’t fall our from the rattle.

Playing with this rattle is very beneficial – it acts on the sense of hearing, stimulates auditory concentration and helps develop fine motor skills. What is more, the form and the shape of the toy, designed to fit child’s hands, help improve grasping.

The smaller hoop of the rattle is not painted.  Bajo  makes sure that every toy has a wooden element without any coat of paint in order for children to get to know, see and feel and enjoy the structure of wood.


  • Product details


    Size : 18 x 7 x 11cm

    Age 1.5 years 

    Materials : beech, sycamore, cherry

    Bird Rattle 

    Size : 8 x 5 x 8 cm

    Age: 6+ months

    Materials: sycamore



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