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Drawing in the Sea / This Book Thinks you're An Inventor
  • Drawing in the Sea / This Book Thinks you're An Inventor

    Drawing in the Sea

    Do you know that water covers nearly 70 percent of the earth and that nearly 70 percent of the human body is made up of H2O? That more than half of the earth's species live in water? Or that the sea reflects the sky, so is most often blue, but can also appear green, gray, turquoise, or brown, depending on light, algae, or plant life?

    With its witty pen and ink illustrations, each page of this activity book engages readers of all ages with fun facts about the intricate world of the sea.

    Readers learn how to fold an origami boat, sketch fantastical fish and draw daring tattoos on a sailor's arm, while discovering more about the substance that is so essential to our lives that it's sometimes called “Adam's ale”.

    Size 21.27 x 0.95 x 28.26 cm

    Paperback book 64 pages 

    Age 6-9 years reading age 



    This Book thinks you're an Inventor

    This activity book helps children to think like an inventor, by introducing key engineering concepts in a highly visual and entertaining way. Through fun activities and Harriet Russell’s playful illustrations, it encourages readers to engage with new ideas and think about problems in a creative way. 

    The book  made in colaboration with The Science Museum, explores the six key aspects of engineering that are essential to any successful inventor: problem-finding, designing, making and testing, improving your invention, building techniques and how to find new uses for existing objects.

    Each spread centres on an open-ended question that introduces a different way of approaching an invention.

    Activities include making a bridge from toothpicks and mini marshmallows; inventing a way to lift this book without touching it; building a painting robot; designing your own remote control; and harvesting electricity from a banana.

    At the end of the book is a tinkering lab, which includes paper-based crafts and engineering activities.


    Reading age 9-12 years

    Size 19.81 x 1.27 x 25.15 cm

    Soft back book - 92 pages 

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