If I had a Unicorn / Sleepy Sloth
  • If I had a Unicorn / Sleepy Sloth

    If I had a Unicorn

    Have you ever imagined what it would be like to have a unicorn for a pet? Besides being much less angry than a troll and far more conveniently sized than a giant, unicorns only ever eat ice-cream for breakfast AND... every time you get upset they feed you candyfloss! 


    In this humorous, energetically rhyming tale, a little girl experiences exactly what life would be like with a magical creature for a pet – from sprinkling stardust on grumpy parents to sliding into football practice on a rainbow.


    This book, the latest in the bestselling 'If I Had…' series, celebrates the magic of unicorns in a way that will appeal to children who are allergic to pink.


    A magical follow-up to the bestselling If I had a dinosaur and If I had a sleepy sloth



    If I had a Sleepy Sloth - (paper back version currently in stock) 

    In this charming trip of the imagination, a little girl delights in experiencing life at a slower pace as she shares her day with a sleepy sloth who moves so slowly, moss grows in his fur! 

    This sloth may be sleepy but it’s a champion on the jungle gym, thanks to its super gripping skills. And climbing trees has never been so easy! But the little girl’s hairdresser is less than impressed to find not just moss but also moths in its fur – and by the time our sleepy sloth has finished its morning walk, the day is almost done. 

    Through Gabby Dawnay's rollicking rhymes and Alex Barrow's bold, graphic illustrations, If I had a sleepy sloth imagines the positives and negatives of having a sloth for a pet and provides a welcome alternative to the fast pace of modern life by creating the time for readers to simply b-r-e-a-t-h-e.


    We love this book - a follow on to 'If I had a Dinosaur' - another real favourite at Buttercup.

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