Inventive Animals Stickers / Origami

Inventive Animals Stickers / Origami

Inventive Animals - My Nature Sticker Activity Book 

Did you know that puffer fish dig geometric shapes in the sand, that octopuses imitate their predators, or that weaver birds make the most complex nests in the world―and they can even tie knots?


Learn fun facts as you color an octopus's tentacles, stick prey in a spider's web, and add cells to the bees' honeycomb.



Origami Craft set 

The big Peggy Diggledey origami set: 14 colourful sheets and two sheets full of stickers encouraging children to start folding. Make a set of sea creatures and a little boat to sail away in.



  • Product details

    Inventive Animals - My Naure Activiity Sticker Book 

    Paperback 24 pages 

    Suitable age 5-8 years 

    Size 22.4 x 0.9 x 30.1 cm


    Origami Craft set 

    Materials Card and Paper 

    Suitable age 6+ years 


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