Life on Earth: Ocean/ Planet Earth
  • Life on Earth: Ocean/ Planet Earth

    Life on Earth: Ocean Age 5 - 8 years


    How do fish breathe? Why is the ocean salty? Why is a whale not a fish? Find out the answers to these and many more questions in this brilliant interactive lift-the-flap fact book. Embark on an epic journey under the sea looking for fish and other ocean creatures beneath the waves, learn what shells are for, find out which sea creatures are the most dangerous, and take a closer look at a coral reef. This fascinating fact-filled book is the perfect introduction to life

    under the sea.


    Life on Earth: Planet Earth Age 5 - 8 years


    Planet Earth is the perfect introduction to geography for 5+ year-olds. Lift the flaps to find the answers to common questions, such as, ‘Why do we have day and night?’, ‘How are rivers made?’ and ‘What is the equator?’

    With 100 questions and 70 flaps to lift, Life on Earth: Planet Earth provides the perfect way to keep engaged while learning.
    Topics covered include the solar system, the continents, plants and animals, how maps work and world landmarks, among many more. Scientific details are turned into simple, bitesize facts that the reader lifts the flaps to discover.

    Heather Alexander’s colourful illustrations make each fact memorable, and the sturdy, boardbook format means that even the most hands-on learners will have fun playing with the book day after day.
    Perfect to read out loud to your toddler, or to let them explore on their own,  Life on Earth: Planet Earth offers a simple, fun way into geography for little readers.