Hello Nature activity cards

Hello Nature activity cards

Match a Track

Show off your best animal-tracking skills in this brilliant matching game. The task is to match 25 tracks to their animal owners. Has an elephant just crossed your path or was it an echidna?


Can you track down a coyote, make out the trail of a peacock and recognise the paw print of a panda? Beat your opponents by making as many matches as you can!



Hello Nature activity cards

Can you identify a tree from its seed? How is a frog different from a toad? And where can you find the Big Dipper?

Explore the natural world around you using these new activity cards based on the book Hello Nature by Nina Chakrabarti. Take them with you while walking in the woods, holidaying on the beach or just pottering in your own back garden. 

With over 40 fun activities to try, from making feather quill pens and boats made of nutshells, to creating helicopter-seed dragonflies, there is fun for all the family.


  • Product Details

    Match a Track 

    50 cards

    Suitable age 4/5 years  upwards

    Size 10.2 x 5.1 x 14.6 cm


    Hello Nature Acivity cards

    173 pages 

    Suitable ages 7-11 years

    Size 13 x 1.9 x 18.1 cm


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