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Tummy Time Safari
  • Tummy Time Safari


    Make tummy time extra fun for little ones with this fold-out concertina book with a mirror!


    Say hello to the animals with a busy safari scene on one side and friendly animal faces and a mirror for babies to see themselves on the other.


    This dazzling board book is designed with tummy time in mind – a gentle exercise where a baby lies on their front to help strengthen their muscles and improve their head control. The fold-out format allows the book to be spread out in-front of a baby, while the bold colours stimulate their developing eyesight.


    With bright, jaunty artwork from Louise Lockhart – the widely-known illustrator behind The Printed Peanut online shop – this delightful new series will captivate even the wriggliest of babies.


    Size: 170 x 170 mm

    Length: 14 pages

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