Okido - Ice Issue 90
  • Okido - Ice Issue 90

    Join thousands of families across the UK in enjoying OKIDO, the award-winning fully illustrated arts and science monthly magazine. 

    The Ice issue ...Messy Monster goes to the North Pole, Zim, Zam and Zoom explain where ice comes from. Messy saves Snowden In the Messy Goes to Okido story. Read the Ice Cream Planet poem - find Foxy in the mountains. Cook a delicious dish with Frozen Peas. Play the Icy escapes boardgame . Make Felix and Zoe dress up figures and colour in and doodle do! 

    OKIDO is designed specifically with learning-through-play in mind and so each book-quality magazine issue is made up of stories, games, experiments, and even recipes that the family can make together. They have designed their  magazine to sustain educational development, encourage creative ability, spark curiosity of the world in which they live and grow and, above all, treat each child as equal. 

    Learn through play, the OKIDO way.