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Rattle - Marvin the Mole & Puffin Tumbler
  • Rattle - Marvin the Mole & Puffin Tumbler

    Marvin the Mole. Marvin loves curious little children and would love to teach your little one about his senses through hours of play and rattling together.
    16x8x3cm, 100% Organic cotton, 100% Corn fibre filling, Crinkle paper & Sound pill



    Puffin Tumbler is a soft and sweet friend who loves taking long naps by the sunny Lucky Ocean. Give him a gentle push and he will twist and twirl while making the cutest noises. A great piece of toy for entertaining and stimulating your little one’s senses.
    18cm, 100% Organic cotton, Corn Fibre Filling, Sound bell.

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