Read All About It!: 10 Mini-Magazines to Make and Share

Let’s make mini-magazines (or ‘zines’ for short)! From animal safaris and recipes to you and your family, pick your favourite topics and get going!

This book contains 10 zines for you to write, illustrate, and put together. Each one has a distinct theme, with lots of ideas for stories, features and pictures – the rest is up to you!

With fully-illustrated instructions and hints and tips along the way, this brand new book from zine publisher and comic artist Kristyna Baczynski will get you making your own brilliant zines in no time.

Pages are pull out with a firm pad base to keep everything neat and tidy as you work on other 'zines' !
Lovely bright Neon and bold colours to design and complete to get you rmagazine 'hot off the press' ....


Contains 40 illustrations and 48 pages.


Measurements:  H 30 x L 21 cm 


Materials: Paperback.


Suitable for ages: 6 - 11 years.




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