Small Blue car / Wooden Bus / Wooden characters

Small Blue Car

Sylvain the rabbit loves driving his beautiful blue car!

Your child will have fun doing car races throughout the house!

A small wooden gift for great adventures by Mouilin Roty. Part of La Grande Famille collection . 


Wooden Bus

 Moulin Roty La Grand Famille wooden bus is driven by Julius the dog and will allow your child to go on a trip throughout the house.

This bus can carry other characters from La Grande Famille. This colourful gift will stimulate your little one's one imagination.


La Grand Famille wooden characters 

5 assorted wooden characters La Grande Famille Moulin Roty These characters are made of wood and felt and represent the most emblematic animals of La Grande Famille: Nini the mouse, Sylvain the rabbit, Julius the dog, Jeanne the duck and Albert the sheep. They will allow your child to create fabulous stories. Compatible with other Moulin Roty toys such as the bus.

  • Product details

    Small Blue Car

    Materials MDF Solid wood and plastic (wheels) 

    Suitable from 18+ months 

    Size 11 x 6 cm

    Wooden Bus


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