The Bear and the Moon
  • The Bear and the Moon

    The Bear and the Moon is a picture book that follows what happens when the gift of a balloon floats into Bear’s life.

    The two companions embark on a journey—a magical tale that encompasses the joys of friendship and discovery.

    This is a gentle book filled with humor, while tackling complex topics like the transcendence of loss and forgiveness.

    • Filled with emotive text and radiant illustrations
    • Simply told and profoundly felt
    • Award winning author-illustrator team

    The Bear and the Moon is a compassionate tale that honors the small but profound world of the very young.


    This sweet book teaches social and emotional skills to kids, and offers a clever way to soothe some of our most difficult feelings: loss and guilt. 


    • Just as ideal for gently soothing young readers to sleep as it is for encouraging a contemplative break from an energetic day
    • Great for parents, grandparents, and caregivers looking for a beautiful friendship or bedtime story
    • Resonates year-round as a go-to gift for birthdays, holidays, and more
    • Perfect for children ages 3 to 5 years old

    • Product details

      Hardback book - 32 pages 

      Age 3-5 years 

      Size 267 x 241 cm