The Cat Sauveteur - Life Guard
  • The Cat Sauveteur - Life Guard

    * Pre-order for mid June 


    The cat sauveteur (life guard), is keeping a close eye on the mice family as they play and frolic on the sea.  He is sitting high on his look out tower, that turns in to a handy chair and is dressed in red shorts and stripy blue 'Sauveteur' top. In the night time the tower can change into a light house that guide ships in the right direction.


    Collect the full Cabin de Plage set with dad, big brother, big sister, little brother and little sister as they all enjoy their time at the beach.



    Product Details

    Height : 23 cm
    Age: 3 years & up
    Washing instruction: 30 degrees
    Material: Cotton / Linen
    Material: Cotton