The World of Whales / How big is big? How far is far?
  • The World of Whales / How big is big? How far is far?

    World of Whales 

    Dive into an exploration of these majestic mammals, one of the most fascinating animal species on the planet.

    You already know that whales aren't fish, but did you know they are mammals, just like us humans, who need to hold their breath under water?

    In The World of Whales you can explore many interesting facts about these fantastic animals, looking at the habits and characteristics that make the many species of this family so special. From the stealthy orcas that traverse the seas, to the beautiful songs of humpbacks and the booming calls of the blue whales, we immerse ourselves in the lives of these grandiose swimmers.

    Join a subaquatic expedition to follow agile fins and flukes, learn about their routines, and marvel as these marine giants breach the ocean’s surface.

    Shortlisted in the AOI's World of Illustration Awards 2020 - Children's Publishing category




    How Big is Big How Far is Far

    How fast is 120 kilometers per hour? How heavy are 4 tons? Units of measure are abstract—until, that is, they are contrasted with other quantities. The entertaining juxtapositions in How Big Is Big? How Far Is Far? make dimensions and measurements more comprehensible for children.  

    The book features amusing comparisons that make units of length, distance, weight, speed and time easier to grasp. The Queen of England’s crown, for example, weighs more than 100 portions of cotton candy. It would take eight days of travel in an elevator through the Earth’s center to reach the other end. When the world’s oldest living tortoise was born, there were no electric lights, telephones, cars, or airplanes.


    How Big Is Big? How Far Is Far? is full of amazing facts for children thirsting for knowledge. Intelligent and witty illustrations by Jan Van Der Veken help young readers better understand how large, far away, heavy, or old something actually is when they come across a unit of measure. 

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      World of Whales

      Hardback book 72 pages all colour

      Age 5-8 years 

      Non fiction 

      size 24 × 28 cm

      How Big is Big

      Hardcover 48 pages 

      Age 5-7 years 

      Size 24 × 28 cm