Under the Same Sky /  Tiger

Under the Same Sky / Tiger

Under the Same Sky 

"We sing the same songs, caught on the breeze... We sing the same songs, across the same seas".

Written and illustrated by the award-winning Britta Teckentrup, this beautiful and heart-warming peek-through picture book celebrates the closeness of the world's communities through their shared hopes and dreams.




When Josephine returns to town after a walk in the woods, a tiger strolls along with her. For a moment she’s not sure what to do, but then she decides to take him home. And after their initial fright, it’s not just Josephine but the whole town that becomes very fond of Tiger. But however much they all love him, Tiger must return to the place where he belongs. And Josephine will take him there...

Three-time winner of the Golden Brush Award [best illustrator], Jan Jutte applies his characteristic style to paint a passionate picture book, in which the mutual affection between Josephine and Tiger radiates from every page. Everyone would want to have a Tiger like that. But everyone will also understand that real friends let each other live where they are most at home.

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    Under the Same Sky

    Paper back 32 pages 

    Suitable ages 3-6 years

    Size 22.6 x 0.8 x 27.4 cm


    Hardcover 56 pages 

    Suitable age 3-6 years

    Size 32.9 x 0.8 x 21.5 cm



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