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Kazoo and Solid Tympanic Drum

Kazoo and Solid Tympanic Drum


Lets make a funny sound and some tunes with this wooden kazoo from Plan Toys.


This is a simple musical intrument producing a fun buzzing tone when the palyer speaks or sings into the mouthpiece. Combine this with other musical instruments to create a band. 


Ethically made from sustainable rubberwood and recycled Planwood, this children's musical instrument will delight kids. 


Suitable from 3+. 

Sensory toy: hand-eye co-ordination, problem-solving, fine motor skills, musical, auditory

Size 7x7x12.1 cm


Solid Tympanic Drum

Made from solid wood  - shaped and cut to give a variation in sound when struck with the rubber ended drum sticks. This is a drum with a beautiful soft melodic tone - and is not harsh on little - or big ears! 

Materials : Wood Rubber

Age: from 18mths

Size 16 x 16 x 8.5


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