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Sorter Truck
  • Sorter Truck

    Tipper truck Shape Sorter IN STOCK IN BLUE

    We love this toy at Buttercup - it has play value beyond it shape sorting phase as the sorter can be removed to give a beautiful truck playable with for many years.

    There are two functions to this toy. It can act both as a sorter and as a pushing toy. It is equipped with a detachable box with three slots and three shapes in it. Playing with this toy is very beneficial for child’s education. It teaches how to differentiate between shapes and colours and helps develop manual and fine motor skills thus enhancing hand-eye coordination. By being able to push the toy, a child improves gross motor skills.

    Some elements of the tipper are not painted. The Bajo company makes sure that every toy has a wooden element without any coat of paint in order for children to get to know, see and feel the structure of wood.


    Bajo toys are environment-oriented. Along with the packaging, they are almost 100% recyclable. The wood used comes from local arboriculture with forest management certification.


    Tipper truck 

    Age - 2 years +

    Size 26 x 15 x 10 

    Material - wood - beech and sycamore 

    5 pieces 

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