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Wobbling Chicken / Penguin
  • Wobbling Chicken / Penguin

    Wobbling Chicken - suitable from birth  - perfect at age 1+ 

    It pecks and taps, sways and moves about.

    This hen is quite unique. It was running so fast, its legs turned into wheels!! It’s a roly-poly toy,  so it is hard to tip it over. Its physique helps it maintain balance.

     When a child pushes the hen, it moves forward swaying from side to side. The roly-poly imitates movements of real hens capturing a child’s imagination. As a result a child is introduced to animal world, takes interest in it, learns to appreciate it and notices the behaviours of animals.

    The whole body is involved while playing with the hen thus contributing to the development of gross motor skills.

    Some elements of the hen are not painted. The Bajo wooden toy company makes sure that every toy has a wooden element without any coat of paint,  in order for children to get to know, see and feel the structure of wood.


    Bajo toys are environment-oriented. Along with the packaging, they are almost 100% recyclable. The wood used comes from local arboriculture with forest management certification.



    Wobbling Penguin - safe from birth  - perfect for play at 1+ 

    This beautiful wobbling wooden Penguin by Bajo is made of a beautifully crafted and soft stained wood. It's heavy enough to steadily wobble back and forth and remain standing upward. The peguin can easily turn around on itself. It's great yet simple entertainment encouraging gross and fine motor skills. 


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