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A World full of Nature Stories /  A Bedtime full of Stories
  • A World full of Nature Stories / A Bedtime full of Stories

    A World full of Nature Stories

    50 classic nature stories from Angela McAllister are brought to life with sumptuous illustrations from Hannah Bess Ross, making this an anthology to treasure for a lifetime and celebrating nature and getting outdoors.

    This beautiful book of stories takes readers on a journey with 50 tales, featuring themes of nature from all around the world.

    Sit back, get comfortable and delve into this beautifully-illustrated collection of beloved nature stories from every corner of the globe.

    This rich resource collects together folk tales from home and legends and myths from distant lands to commemorate the animals, plants and the changing seasons that make planet Earth so beautiful.

    The folktales and fables in this book will capture imaginations and take readers on a journey around the world. Learn about:

    • The Peruvian tale of Cuniraya and the Magic Fruit,
    • The story of how lightning began according to an ancient Khasi folk tale from India,
    • From Ireland, the story of The Bee, the Mouse and the Beetle,
    • The Master of the Winds in the ancient Iroquois story of The Four Winds,
    • Paul Bunyan, the giant lumberjack from North American folklore, and
    • Spain's Queen of the Flowers, who is brought to life one night by a magical fairy.




    A Bedtime full of Stories

    50 Folktales and Legends from Around the World

    Angela McAllister


    Look forward to bedtime with this richly illustrated treasury of 50 bedtime stories from around the world, each the perfect length to read aloud.

    There’s always time for a bedtime story, so snuggle up and get ready to drift off to the land of nod with this collection of magical tales that includes both well-known classics and lesser-known treasures from EuropeAfricaAsiaAustralia and OceaniaNorth America, the Middle East and Latin America. 

    These folktales and legends, accompanied by enchanting and dream-like illustrations, are each the perfect length for a bedtime story, and will transport children around the world as well as into fantasy lands.

    • The Emperor’s New Clothes – Denmark
    • The Bag of Winds – Greece
    • How Cheetah Got His Speed – South Africa
    • The Moon Maiden – Japan
    • The Star Hunt – New Zealand
    • The Crow and the Daylight – North America
    • Aladdin – Syria
    • The Three Dreams – Guatemala


    Collected and retold by award-winning author Angela McAllister and beautifully illustrated by Anna Shepeta, this anthology will be treasured by story lovers both young and old.

    The World Full of… series is a collection of beautiful hardback story treasuries. Discover folktales from all around the world or be introduced to some of the world’s best-loved writers with these stunning gift books, the perfection addition to any child’s library.

    Also available from the series: A Year Full of StoriesA World Full of Animal StoriesA Stage Full of Shakespeare StoriesA World Full of Dickens StoriesA World Full of Spooky StoriesA Year Full of Celebrations and FestivalsA World Full of Journeys and A World Full of Nature Stories.


    128 Pages, Hardcover Book

    Kids - Teens 

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