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Dinosaur Timeline World Map / Terrific Triceratops Mask
  • Dinosaur Timeline World Map / Terrific Triceratops Mask

    Dinosaur World Map

    Explore the time of dinosaurs by creating an all-in-one wall map and timeline with pop-out and stand-up dinosaurs. Take a giant step into the world of dinosaurs and learn all about these amazing creatures with this map by Clockwork Soldier.

    Explore the world map and see where your favourite dinosaurs were discovered.

    Attached are extra markers with facts and underwater dinosaurs. Add stand-up dinosaurs to the ledge to create a fascinating timeline. Use the interactive activity sheet to play and learn all about the time when dinosaurs roamed the earth.

    No glue or scissors needed!

    Contents: 1x giant dinosaur world map, 1x 3D timeline ledge, 9x stand-up dinosaurs, 30x fact markers, 1x instruction sheet and 1x activity sheet


    Made from FSC-certified recycled card.

    Plastic-free products for a happier planet.

    Age 7+


    Terrific Triceratops Mask


    Step back into the land of dinosaurs and turn yourself into a terrifying (or friendly) Triceratops!

    In no time at all, you'll find yourself stomping through pre-history, hunting down dino words & learning all about this plant-eating gentle giant with the interactive activity sheet enclosed. Another brilliant Clockwork Soldier activity 

    Plastic-free and made using FSC certified recycled card, this easy-to-make kit requires no glue or scissors... just hands & imagination.



    • 6 x Triceratops mask pieces
    • Instruction sheet
    • Activity sheet

    Age 7 + years 

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