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Look Up! Storytelling Puzzle / A home for Nature
  • Look Up! Storytelling Puzzle / A home for Nature

    Look up! Our friends are setting off on a balloon ride of the most exciting kind! Meanwhile, look at all the stories unfolding in our colourful city!

    This puzzle is an excellent aid for inventing stories, strengthening creativity, stimulating the imagination and training observation skills.

    Once the 100-piece puzzle is assembled, we suggest different games to play as a group with the 48 accompanying counters.


    Age 5-8 

    Illustration Mar Ferrero

    Size 32 x 85 cm

    Box dimensions 20x30x8 cm



    A home for Nature 

    It’s pumpkin time in autumn, the countryside is filled with flowers in spring, we go swimming in the pond close to home in summer and have fun playing in the snow in winter!

    4 puzzles with 10 pieces each are assembled one on top of the other as we discover how nature changes in each season, with a little wooden cabin at the centre of the game.


    Age 5-8 

    Illustration Queralt Armengol

    Box dimensions 19x19x8 cm



    Composition FSC paper, recycled cardboard and birch veneer wood

    Made in Barcelona



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