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The Secret  Unicorn Club / Unicorns & other Magical Horses 4 in 1 Card Game
  • The Secret Unicorn Club / Unicorns & other Magical Horses 4 in 1 Card Game

    The Secret Unicorn Club

    Do you believe in unicorns? Would you like to join a secret club of unicorn experts, who search for and look after unicorns in the wild? Now is the time to earn your place in the Secret Unicorn Club.

    Earn ten badges on your journey towards becoming an official Secret Unicorn Club member then discover a hidden handbook for only the truest friend of the unicorns.Guard the precious knowledge within these pages for the good of all horsekind...

    Emma Roberts is a children’s author and editor from London who lives with her two rescue dogs, Frodo and Arya. She studied Classics at Cambridge University, where she fully indulged her life-long passion for all things Shakespeare in the student-theatre scene.

    When Emma isn’t queuing for tickets at The Globe, she is either performing in local theatre or training for her next marathon. Her latest book, The Dragon Ark, was published by Magic Cat in 2020.Rae Ritchie lives with her daughter, her husband and her cat Nomi in Minneapolis, MN.

    Her watercolour and gouache paintings are created in a sunny little room in her home, and she is greatly inspired by the lushness of nature, classic children's books and old photographs. Rae’s clients include Los Angeles Times, Dear Stella Design and Fjallraven.

    Tomislav Tomić is an illustrator known for his pen and ink drawings that are based on a Re-naissance engraving style. He’s a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb and lives with his family is Croatia.



    Unicorns and other Magical Horses 4 in 1 Card Game

    Do you believe in unicorns? What about their magical friends? Discover 8 different mythological horses, from water horses to flying horses, whilst playing four classic family games: Snap, Happy Families, Swap and Pairs!

    This boxed card deck is the perfect way to enjoy spending time with the whole family, and also features a leaflet containing fun trivia about the mystical creatures featured.

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