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    Blue baby cradle 

    A beautifully designed cradle in wood comes with a mattress and a soft sleeping bag. The Maileg cradle has rounded feet, so you can easily rock your small soft friends into sleep with a tiny crown cut into the cradle bed head. It fits perfectly into the Maileg castle and the house too. 

    Size:Baby Mouse

    Height:6 cm x 7 cm

    Age:3 YR +

    Wash:Surface wash

    Material:FSC Wood/CottonFilling:Polyester


    Off white Fireplace 

    Use this  Maileg wooden fireplace to warm your miniature home. It has an authentic look and a vintage finish with a flickering light to replicate a cosy lit fire. . Remember to turn off the light when your friends go to bed. An adult can change the battery, which is non-rechargeable.


    Height:8 cm x 8 cm

    Age:3 YR +

    Wash:Surface wash

    Material:FSC Wood


    Dining table

    The Maileg dining table is made for small  mice friends to have a place to gather and meet for a nice meal. It is made of metal and has beautifully detailed legs that fulfill the exclusive look. The table fits into the Castle and is perfect in the house also .


    Height:7 cm x 12 cm

    Age:3 YR +

    Wash:Surface wash


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