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Butterfly Skies
  • Butterfly Skies

    In this gorgeous gift book, create your own beautiful 3D butterflies before discovering fascinating facts about each species!


    Press out the pieces and slot them together to create 20 different irresistible flying friends. After finishing your 3D flutter, either hang the stunning decorations to make a butterfly sky or press them back into the sturdy board pages and hardback binding to be used again and again.


    Then turn to the back of the book to pore over 22 richly illustrated pages with dazzling full colour nature scenes alongside a gently informative text to treasure.


    Covering everything from habitats and diets to myths and legends, this is a stylish, joyful introduction to a variety of European butterflies.


    We hung our butterflies from a small branch and they look fabulous! 


    Great for any age ..

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