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Peekaboo Pumpkin
  • Peekaboo Pumpkin

    Easy-to-use peekaboo sliders, a funny rhyming text and surprise mirror ending combine in this stylish and interactive board book for babies and toddlers!

    With a total of 10 smooth mechanisms to push, pull or turn on every spread this beautiful book is packed full of Halloween fun!


    From Camilla Reid and Ingela P Arrhenius, the award-winning team behind the bestselling Felt Flaps Where’s Mr? series.


    Connecting with faces and playing peekaboo is one of the first games that babies play. It’s why the very youngest of children will love this cute Halloween-themed book – and want to read it again and again


    Age 0-2

    Size: 180 x 180 mm

    Length: 10 pages

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