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Miniature Bathroom Suite
  • Miniature Bathroom Suite

    Miniature bathroom sink 

    A beautiful vintage metal sink with a golden water tap. The sink comes in a wooden closet which has the most beautiful paint details and fullfill the old vintage look.

    height 14.5 cm, Metal/Wood.



    Miniature bathtub

    All your beloved Maileg friends will need a bath once a while. The vintage bathtub fits perfectly in the Maileg Dollhouse & Bathroom.

     height 7,5 cm, Metal.



    Miniature Bucket & Mop

    Maileg buddies need a bucket and mop to clean up those messes they make. This bucket and mop is perfect for MINI sized Maileg friends.

    Height : 23 cm, Metal & Wood.



    Miniature Floor Lamp - Mint 

    Our beautiful Maileg Miniature Floor lamp is a must have. The lamp will light up the room with a soft tone - remember to turn off the light when our friends go to bed.

    The battery can be changed by an adult and is not rechargeable.

    Type C1632 3 V.

    Height : 22 cm, Metal & Cotton.


    Suitable Age: 3 years & up

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