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Naming Blocks
  • Naming Blocks

    These beautiful wooden naming blocks make a very special Naming day or new baby gift. 

    You can order the individual blocks to create a name of your choice .

    Use the drop drown menu below to select your letters.

    Each block measures 4cm X 4cm. The blocks are made from solid beechwood which is untreated and carefully sanded to create rounded edges.

    Please note that the wooden blocks are handmade and the colour of the wood may vary slightly from block to block.

    These blocks are not toys and should not be played with. They are designed for display only.

    A - Anteater

    B -Bears

    C - Cats

    D - Dinosaur

    E - Elephant 

    F - Fox

    G - Goat

    H - Hammerhead Shark

    I - Iguana

    J - Jellyfish

    K - Koala

    L - Llama

    M - Monkey

    N - Night-time

    O - Owl 

    P - Penguin

    Q - Quail

    R - Reindeer

    S - Sloth

    T - Tarsier

    U - Underground

    V - Vulture

    W - Whale

    X - X-Ray

    Y - Yeti

    Z - Zebra

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