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Flower Press / Herbarium Book
  • Flower Press / Herbarium Book

    Flower Press

    A charming and traditional wooden flower press for drying and preserving flowers and leaves, presented in a beautifully illustrated gift box. This range from the wonderful French company encourages children to look out of doors for entertainment. This makes a gorgeous gift. Comes complete with 7 cardboard sheets and 12 sheets of thick white paper.



    Herbarium Book 

    This herbarium book by Moulin Roty,  is ideal for collecting leaves and flowers picked during walks and will allow your child to keep precious memories. On each page, children can place and dry flat the leaves and flowers picked and can write down the name of the plant, the date and place of picking and a little story. This herbarium can be offered from 3 years old and will stimulate your child's observation. Original gift idea for budding botanists.



    • Product details

      Flower Press

      Dimension: 21 x 18 x 5 cm

      Material Wood card metal 

      Suitable age 3+ years

      Herbarium book 

      Suitable age 5-12

      Size  22.5 x 19 cm.

      Material printed cardboard.

      Safe from 3 years old.

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