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Go Wild in the Woods / Bird Spotter

Go Wild in the Woods / Bird Spotter

Go Wild in the Woods


An outdoor guide from the National Trust for young boys and girls with a thirst for adventure.

This is the ultimate pocket-sized adventure guide to all the fun you can have in the woods: how to craft your own tools, how to build a shelter, how to cook food over a campfire . . . and even how to get drinking water from wee! Children will also learn exactly what not do, from eating poisonous mushrooms to starting a forest fire.

Durable and attractive small hardback format with an elastic strap - easy to pop in your pocket or rucksack and take with you to the woods. Perfect for fans of Bear Grylls!

With fun games to play in the woods, advice on tracking animals, and a useful chapter on first aid, this is the perfect book for young adventurers!


Age 8-11 years

Size 20 x 1 x 13.5 cm

Hardback book - 96 pages 


Bird Spotter


The perfect introduction to birdwatching for children!

Ideal for any budding birdwatchers, this book encourages children to get outside and spot birds in the wild! It is packed with useful information about how to get started, as well as a comprehensive field guide section full of expert tips on how to identify a species when they're out and about.

Written by Robyn Swift in consultation with experts from the National Trust and featuring gorgeous illustrations by renowned ornithological illustrator, Mike Langman, whose work is often used by the RSPB.


Age 8-11 years

Size 13.5 x 1 x 20 cm

Hardback book - 96 pages 


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