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Miniature Little Nursery
  • Miniature Little Nursery

    Baby Sitter 

    Little baby bouncer chair for a tiny mouse - perfect for the baby of the family

    Made from Metal and cotton 

    Suitable age 3 + years 




    Keep your baby bunny or mouse safe in a sweet playpen, this size fits all friends in size 'MY' perfectly. The playpen is in metal and painted in a soft off-white tone. In the bottom is a soft mattres covered with unique Maileg fabric. 

    7.5 cm, Metal / Cotton



    Floor Lamp 

    Our beautiful Maileg Miniature Floor lamp is a must have. The lamp will light up the room with a soft tone - remember to turn off the light when your little mice friends go to bed . The battery can be changed by an adult and is not rechargeable

    Height : 22 cm, Metal / Cotton



    Gold chairs 

    This fancy vintage chair set are a perfect combination to the vintage dining table. They are a good size for the Maileg Wedding Couple's venue and other MINI sized Maileg friends - and look perfect in the baby mouse nursery!

    Height : 10 cm, Metal 


    Twin Baby Mice in Match box



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