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Minibeast Explorer / Go wild at the Seaside
  • Minibeast Explorer / Go wild at the Seaside

    Out & About Minibeast Explorer - Age 8-12

    Ideal for any budding wildlife explorers, this book encourages children to get outside and spot minibeasts in the wild! It is packed with fun activities and useful information about how to identify minibeasts whilst out and about, whether in a garden or adventuring further afield.

    Written by Robyn Swift in consultation with experts from the National Trust and featuring gorgeous illustrations by Hannah Alice.



    Go wild at the Seaside - Age 8-12

    This pocket-sized adventure guide teaches young adventurers about all the fun you can have at the seaside: what to pack, how to spot sea creatures and wildlife, how to catch a fish and much, much more!

    Children will also learn exactly what not to do, from getting stung by a jellyfish to getting caught in a rip current.

    With fun games to play, interesting information about protecting the coastline, and a useful chapter on what to do in a seaside emergency, this is the perfect book for young costal adventurers!

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