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Spinning Top / Musical Bus
  • Spinning Top / Musical Bus

    Spinning Top

    A sweet small metal spinning top beautifully  designed by Moulin Roty. Little ones will have hours of fun with this spinning top toy which hums as it spins. Excellent for encouraging manual dexterity. A great childrens gift

    Part of the Moulin Roty range. 


    Age 2+ years 

    Size 12.5 x 12.5 x 14.5cm

    Materials Metal and plastic 


    Musical Bus


    The Moulin Roty Circus  bus that brightens the day or promotes sleep for your child. Just turn the knob and many characters of the circus appear and disappear on the little screen:   the giraffe, the  frog, and many others. A perfect lullaby tune.

     Age:  2 + years 

    Size : 22 cm x 10 cm.

    Material: metal and plastic

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