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Little  mouse bedroom
  • Little mouse bedroom

    Cot Bed 

    A cosy cot bed made of metal, it comes with a mattress, blanket and pillow. You can tuck in your micro sized friendsas well as the small mice 

    Size Micro

    Dimensions 10cm x 16cm 

    Materials Metal and Cotton 



    Baby Sitter 

    With this baby sitter it is easy to get your little friends to sleep. The base is made of metal with a lovely dotted cotton fabric cover. It fits the MY sized rabbits and bunnies as well as the baby mice . 

    Size MY

    Dimesions 7cm high

    Materials Metal and Cotton



    Baby mouse  - Sleepy Wakey Blue

    Sweet as can be. Maileg Sleepy Wakey  sleeps tight.The set comes with soft striped sleeping bag in a nicely decorated handmade matchbox.

    A classic Maileg item - the clothes and bed linen are made of soft fabrics all ready for play. 

    Size Baby Mouse 8cm 

    Material Cotton and Card 


    Little sister dance Mouse  

    This little sister mouse is dressed as a ballerina with a beautiful rose tutu and little head-dress too . Ready for hours of dance 

    Size Little sister/brother 10cm 

    Materials Linen/Cotton




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